I always have trouble finding the perfect card for the occasion. And, I like giving cards with Scriptural themes. So, I’ve found that putting together a handmade Scriptural greeting card is often quicker – and definitely cheaper than hunting around for the perfect store-bought card.

And I can really personalize them for the person and occasion. Yeah, I’d love to make fancy embellished cards, but I usually don’t have the time, so I have a folder on my computer of prints I’ve already sized – all I have to do is print a few, cut them out, and glue to my blank cards.

Blank Cards to Use

These cards can be made in 2 sizes – small 4.25 x 5.5 inch. And 5×7 inch. For the 5×7, I like to use Natural blank cards that look like brown Kraft paper. They add a rustic touch. I like the larger size for special occasion cards like wedding or anniversary cards. Of course, you can get the 5×7 blank cards in white or ivory also.

Bear in mind, the recipient may love the print well enough to want to frame it – many of my recipients have! I’ve also made up a bunch of the smaller thank-you cards and given small sets as gifts. Circuit overseers’ wives appreciate them, as do elderly sisters that can’t go shopping for cards.

Michael’s has some nice small blank cards that are perfect for this project. They’re 4.25 x 5.5 inch. I like to stock up when they have them on sale for just $5 – for 60-80 cards. (Regular price is $20, so wait for the sale, or use a coupon.) They come in lots of colors, prints and textures.

You can also order some very similar blank cards by American Crafts from Amazon. Boxes of 40 are around $8-12. Here’s some I recommend. (Affiliate links.)

How To

After purchasing and downloading your digital prints from my Shop, print them out in high quality on white heavy paper. (I just use 24lb printer paper.) Then, cut out and glue the prints onto the blank cards, trying to coordinate the colors in the print to the card if you can. Sometimes the glue doesn’t stay stuck long-term, so you may want to use double-sided tape.

I recommend using a paper trimmer to cut clean straight lines. It makes the cards look more professional. My prints are sized for both small invitation size or large 5×7 sizes in PDF files. Some of my prints include a coordinating print to glue inside the card for the personal message. And I also include 5×7 and 8×10 prints for framing.