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Our shop is now offering digital files so you can print your own motivational and inspirational labels and business card notes. This post will give you instructions on printing and also give you ideas for different uses for the labels and cards.

Opening and Editing the Files

After downloading your files, you’ll need to unzip them with a program like WinZip or WinRar. Save the files to a folder on your computer where you can find them easily.

I’ve included MS Word files so if you want to choose just certain labels to print, you can edit the sheet. I recommend naming a new file so you don’t mess up the original file. If you wish to delete some labels, just click on them and hit the delete button. To insert a different label, click the label you want to copy, right-click COPY, then put your cursor in the center of the empty label spot and right-click PASTE into the empty label spot. If it’s not centered, you should be able to move it around to be centered. The same instructions work for editing the business card sheets included.

NOTE: You will need to have somewhat good experience with editing in MS Word to do this. I don’t make any guarantees, nor can I help you if you choose to edit the files.

Printing Instructions

The labels are set up to print on purchased label sheets – 30 labels to a sheet, sized 1″ x 2-5/8″. You would need to purchase Avery labels 8160 or comparable. If it’s 30 to a sheet, it should work.

For the business cards, you can purchase blank business cards such as Avery 8371 or comparable, as long as it’s formatted 10 to a sheet with no inside margins. You could also print the cards on cardstock paper and cut them out yourself.

Open the PDF label file in Adobe Acrobat Reader and choose the Print function. If you can adjust the printer settings, choose to print in highest quality and make sure it’s set to print Actual Size.

journal labels

bookmarksIdeas for Using the Labels and Cards

    • Stick on/in greeting cards
    • Sealing envelopes
    • Use in Scrapbooking
    • Use in Journaling
    • Gift tags
    • Personal messages to slip in lunchboxes
    • Use the cards for bookmarks (Laminate if you want; punch hole and add tassel.)
    • Write personal message on back of card and give to a friend



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