DIY circle pendant jewelry

I’ve really enjoyed making and giving these pretty inspirational pendant necklaces as gifts.

They’re so easy and very cheap to make in bulk – if you want to give them for pioneer or convention gifts. In addition to inspirational and scripture quotes, you could really personalize these pendants for special gifts with photos or the recipient’s name. A reduced copy of your child’s art would make a great gift for Grandma. You just need to size your photos to a 1 inch circle.

How To – 1″ Round Silver and Glass Pendant Necklaces

First, print the 1 inch circles on white cardstock paper (you can use heavy matte presentation paper also.) Cut them out with a 1 inch circle cutter – so the edges will be neat.

With a small paintbrush, spread a thin layer of Annie Howes Glamour Seal adhesive and sealant onto the flat side of your glass cabochon. Carefully press the glass cabochon down onto the print, making sure the glue covers the print completely. (If you don’t have a circle cutter, you can press the glass right onto the printed cardstock, centering on the print. After the glass is fully dry, cut out around the glass.)

Allow the print to dry overnight, and trim any edges. Then spread a thin layer of adhesive in the tray and press the print into the tray, being careful to line the print up with the top of the tray. Wipe away any excess glue that oozes out. That’s it! Allow it to dry completely and attach a chain. Or add to a bracelet or keychain.

Don’t worry – it will dry clear. These pendants are water resistant but not water proof, so don’t get them wet. Unless it turned out wrong and you want to redo it. Then you can soak the necklace tray in water, take it apart and clean it to use the tray and cabochon to try again. It’s important to use Annie Howes Glamour Seal or a similar product. The ink on your print won’t run – even if printed on an inkjet printer. Regular white glue won’t work.

If you want to use these pendants (or smaller ones) to put on bracelets, see my instructions and supply list for bracelets: Mother-Daughter Bracelets

Supplies for DIY Circle Pendant Jewelry

NOTE: See this post for more instructions and step-by-step photos: DIY Circle Pendant Jewelry

How To Make Bottle-Cap Necklaces

bottlecap necklacesThese are the simplest necklaces to make! They make great gifts for little girls.

I made these Caleb and Sophia necklaces for convention gifts. I’ve also made cute bottle-cap convention badge holders for kids… You can use any 1″ round print. I can’t sell the Caleb and Sophia prints because of copyright – but I plan to offer more 1″ digital prints in my shop soon – suitable for little girls!

convention badges

First, print your 1 inch circle prints on cardstock or heavy printer paper. Cut them out with the 1 inch circle punch. Spread a thin layer of glue in the bottlecap and press the print down, wiping away excess glue, making sure to center the design.

Allow to dry well, overnight if possible. Stick a 1 inch clear epoxy sticker over the print. Add a chain or matching ribbon. If you don’t have the epoxy stickers, you can seal the top with a few coats of Annie Howes Glamour Sealant or Judikin’s Diamond Glaze.

Supplies for Bottle-cap Pendants

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Have fun making and giving away these easy DIY circle pendant necklaces!