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Nani’s Digital Designs

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Inspirational Digital Labels and Business Cards

Our shop is now offering digital files so you can print your own motivational and inspirational labels and business card notes. This post will give you instructions on printing and also give you ideas for different uses for the labels and cards. Printing Instructions...
DIY circle pendants

DIY Circle Pendant Jewelry

I've really enjoyed making and giving these pretty inspirational pendant necklaces as gifts. They're so easy and very cheap to make in bulk - if you want to give them for pioneer or convention gifts. In addition to inspirational and scripture quotes, you could really...
DIY Notecards

Easy DIY Scripture Greeting Cards

As you can tell from my shop, I love making personalized greeting cards to send, especially using encouraging quotes and verses appreciated by JWs. I'm making some of my digital card files available now for sale in my shop so you can make your own DIY note cards -...

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