DIY Notecards

As you can tell from my shop, I love making personalized greeting cards to send, especially using encouraging quotes and verses appreciated by JWs. I’m making some of my digital card files available now for sale in my shop so you can make your own DIY note cards – easily and affordably!

There’s basically 3 ways to make these note cards. My downloadable files allow you to choose the way best for you. Or you may want to try some of each.

Quarter-Fold Cards

Quarter-fold cards are the quickest and least expensive format. You can print these on regular computer paper, although I recommend the nicest printer paper you can afford. The graphics print so much nicer on good quality matte presentation paper. But you can use what you have in a pinch. Because of the way the cards are folded, you don’t have to worry about your print showing through.

To print, choose Actual Size and Best Quality print settings. Then, fold along the lines as indicated in the instructions. You fold in half and then in half again – creating a “quarter” fold. It depends on if your card is tall or wide as to how you fold. Be careful to fold as neatly as you can the first time as it’s harder to correct an uneven fold once you’ve creased it.

Half-Fold Cards

These cards are printed on cardstock paper. You need to print them double-sided, then cut along the outside lines and simply fold on the center line. You may have to experiment to know how to feed the other side through your particular printer to have the back side going in the proper direction. With my Brother printer, I just print one side and put the paper back in just how it came out to print the other side properly.

Of course you also want to print Actual Size and Best Quality print. And, you will definitely need cardstock for these, not regular printer paper because the print will show through and also you need the extra weight since the cards are just folded in half.

Decorating Purchased Blank Cards

This is your third option, and most expensive and time-consuming – but still not hard. I originally made all my cards using colored blank cards I purchased and gluing my prints to the outside and inside of the cards. See my post here: How to Make Easy Scripture Greeting Cards.

If you like this idea, just print out the quarter-fold or half-fold cards on paper (reduce the size to 80-90%) and cut the outside and inside prints to fit on the card, leaving a slight margin. Use a paper trimmer to make the edges neat and even.

Glue or tape the prints down. I have experimented with different glue sticks and double-sided tape and finally found the best sticking glue is Zip Dry. Any other method I’ve used eventually comes unstuck – I think because of the coating on the textured cards.

Blank Cards to Use

These cards can be made in 2 sizes – small 4.25 x 5.5 inch. And 5×7 inch. For the 5×7, I like to use Natural blank cards that look like brown Kraft paper. They add a rustic touch. I like the larger size for special occasion cards like wedding or anniversary cards. Of course, you can get the 5×7 blank cards in white or ivory also.

Bear in mind, the recipient may love the print well enough to want to frame it – many of my recipients have! I’ve also made up a bunch of the smaller cards and given small sets as gifts. Circuit overseers’ wives appreciate them, as do elderly sisters that can’t go shopping for cards.

Michael’s has some nice small blank cards that are perfect for this project. They’re 4.25 x 5.5 inch. I like to stock up when they have them on sale for just $5 – for 60-80 cards. (Regular price is $20, so wait for the sale, or use a coupon.) They come in lots of colors, prints and textures.

You can also order some very similar blank cards from Amazon. Boxes of 40 are around $8-12. Or use pretty cardstock and make your own!


All of my digital cards are either 4.25 x 5.5″ or 5×7″. The small ones fit the A2 envelope size. And the 5×7″ fit A7 size envelope. Of course the purchased cards come with envelopes. But for the quarter-fold and half-fold cards, you can order envelopes – either white or colored fairly cheap (links below.) Making your own cards will still cost you pennies compared to the cost of store-bought cards!

My Digital Card Files

After you purchase my Digital Card files, you will receive the download link. The files include printing and folding instructions and will need to be unzipped. If you have a problem downloading or unzipping, please email me. You may print an unlimited number of cards for your personal use or to give as gifts. But because of copyright, please don’t share the digital files with others.


Note: These are Amazon affiliate links for which I receive a small commission for my recommendations, but it doesn’t increase your cost. See my Disclosure Policy for more information.